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Reservation Policy

Our services are highly demanded, therefor the only 'assured'  reservation is the one that you make through this website or via AIRBNB.

Extending your stay

If you're already a guest in one of our residences, you get, to the extent possible, the chance to upgrade to a smaller or larger room once a room becomes available. With 1 month notice, it is also possible to extend your stay for a longer period of time than initially agreed on.


All payments need to be made by wire transfer to  RL Inventive BVBA, Sportstraat 1, 9971 Lembeke Belgium on IBAN BE 91 3631 6901 6476 , BIC BBRUBEBB , ING Belgium. Please refer your name and rental period (month) in the payment text.

House Rules

- No pets

- No children

- Respect the neighbors and your co-housing mates

- No parties

- Treat your room as you would treat your own home

- No smoking

- Leave common areas like bathroom and kitchen clean after use

- No Drugs

Any breach of the house rules can lead to a fine of 500 EUR per incident.

Cancellation Policy

We understand and support the flexibility that being an expat brings along. And that a contract with your employer can be limited-in, or changed overtime.

Nevertheless, a tenant must be aware that there comes a cost to cancelling a contract. We require a one month notice for contracts longer than 3 months. In case of short term contracts, we accept a one week notice but require you to pay the remainder of your full month cost.

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