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Tips and Tricks

Living together with multiple people in one house can offer it's challenges too. Here's some of our tips offered by our guest to make your stay with us the best.


Our fridges are pretty large, and there should always be at least one cupboard for every guest. Please keep your cupboard nice and tidy and stick to the room provided for you.

Cupboards in the kitchen are also plenty, same as for the fridge stick to the cupboard that's for you.

Since you're staying together for a while, why not buy some common goods together with your roomies, like Olive Oil, butter, herbs, etc ... This saves place.

When you're cooking, why not cook for multiple days and store it in the fridge ? Or cook together ?

Bathroom and Toilet

This is an important one, everyone likes to shower in a nice and decent fashion. Leave your bathroom crisp after you've done your stuff and don't let your soap / gel / whatever you need for hygiene toll around.


Also, agree with your roomies to take everyone a turn when buying new consumables such as toilet paper, wipes, whatever...

Waste Management

There are three waste bins in the garden

Green : Organic waste

Blue : cardboard and paper waste

Grey : all the rest.

On a bi weekly basis, the bins must be put out on the street so they can be collected. You have to put them outside in the morning, and don't forget them to get them back inside in the evening, since you can receive a fine if you leave it outside.

On this site you can find when the waste management guys come to pick up the bins.

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